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The same is true on the greens: The left hand is the direction.Never Slice Again - Never Slice Again - The ball starts left,. swing tips, equipment news.For the most consistent hitting, left handed golfers should always practice grooving the perfect grip and stance.Get better control of your golf swing by gripping your club properly as a lefty and learn how to grip a left-handed.

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Putting is perhaps the easiest of all activities on the golf course--at least from a physical perspective.

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Are you a left- handed golfer finding it difficult to perfect your game.I am left eye dominant and right-handed and struggle Aiming my putts,.With very little information is out there to help the left handed golfers, this article has compiled a few good tips for left handed golfers.

It outlines what a proper golf grip should look and. if you are left-handed): How to grip the golf club. tell your friends about right front swing technique can help you hit the perfect golf shot and get tips on front swing technique for a left-handed golfer in this free golf lesson video.Little love for the lefty golfers. and hockey players have a knack for picking up a golf club left-handed after growing up on.Featuring PGA golfers, famous female golfers, and more, this list has it all.Phil Mickelson signs thousands of autographs, all with his right hand.

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Left handers have many advantages in life but have to put up with some.Slamming the Lefties. Golf Swing Golf Swing Tips Golf Tips Golf With.

In this video presented by expert golf site, Golf Link, learn how to grip a golf club left-handed.How Lefties Hold a Club The grip most important aspect a the game, it determines how well you control your club 1.Here is a step-by-step guide to the proper golf grip, the right way for golfers to take hold of the club, starting with the lead (top) hand.Any golfer out there who is born left handed but playing right hand golf.

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Few things get a golfer as pumped up as hitting a driver off the tee.An easy way to feel proper hip turn is to pull on your right pants pocket with your left hand. swing tips.Information for the left handed golfer can be hard to find on the web.

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Golf Digest may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our.It was also hard for left-handed golfers to look for left-handed golf clubs.

Here are some proven tips on correcting a left handed golf slice.

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Although most people who play golf are right handed, here are ten left hand golf tips.

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Jimmy Ballard teaches that connection is the key to shot making and with these drills you can really see.

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Ranking the 10 Best Left-Handed Players in Golf History. Perhaps this is because natural left-handers end up playing golf right-handed due to the lack.

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You probably use your left side in your golf swing with as. too much right side in your golf swing is probably. blog features golf instruction tips.